The Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Procurement Office

The Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Procurement Office (AFNAFPO) was established in February 1973 as central nonappropriated fund purchasing function in support of NAF activities worldwide. As part of the Air Force Services Center, the AFNAFPO is dedicated to supporting Air Force readiness and mission accomplishment by providing corporate purchasing programs in support of activities that stimulate physical fitness, community cohesion, family well-being, and quality of life.

The AFNAFPO is responsible for providing Global Strategic Sourcing Support to the Air Force Services Center and Forces Support Squadrons worldwide. AFNAFPO is also responsible for providing NAF contracting officer certifications, training, and guidance on NAF procurement policy and procedures. Further, AFNAFPO is responsible for managing the eBusiness tools such as the web-based Internet Based Purchasing System (IBPS).

The professionals at AFNAFPO believe that our successes/failures are measured daily by our customers through the type of products and services we deliver. Most importantly, we must always strive to understand our customers' expectations to support the quality of life programs they expect and deserve. For us to be successful, industry too, becomes a critical link in meeting our deliverables. We must partner together in meeting our customer's expectations. We believe in cooperating to the fullest extent possible with all suppliers and manufacturers while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics. Through this "Win-Win" philosophy we strive with industry to provide the best products and services for the troops.

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