Commander's Smart Buy Program

The Commander's Smart Buy Program (CSBP) is designed to bring an awareness to our leadership that purchasing smartly is a critical part of managing our activities effectively and efficiently. The CSBP brings to the forefront the collective purchasing power of the Services community through centralized programs that deliver best value in terms of quality, performance, and pricing yet, at the same time, allow decentralized buying at each base.

The CSBP is designed to assist all commanders, regardless of service component, in acquiring quality products and services at fair and reasonable pricing. A basic underlying philosophy of the CSBP is to continuously improve the purchasing processes to support the operational goals of the Services community.

To complement the purchasing processes, the CSBP incorporates various elements of opportunity to support all activities using nonappropriated fund dollars. These elements include nonappropriated fund purchasing agreements (NPAs), a catalog program, trade show support, the essential products program (EPP), consolidated buys, product bulletin announcements on special buys, individual purchasing support and the prime vendor program.