Internet Based Purchasing System (IBPS)

The Internet Based Purchasing System (IBPS) is designed as the name implies, to operate over the World Wide Web utilizing Electronic Commerce Technologies. This creates a standardized interactive web site providing a complete purchasing and contract management support system for Air Force activities that operate using Nonappropriated Funds (NAF). IBPS interfaces with the Air Force Services Financial Management System (AFSFMS).

IBPS will provide
  • A multi-tiered environment giving access to users at only the level(s) they require.
    • AFNAF Procurement Office level
    • Service level: (i.e. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard)
    • MAJCOM level (i.e. AETC, AFSPC, ACC, etc.)
    • Base level (i.e. Ramstein AB, Sheppard AFB, etc.)
    • Activity Level (i.e. Bowling Centers, Golf Courses, Clubs, etc.)
  • IBPS Managers are assigned at the various levels of access to IBPS. These managers will provide maintenance of users and information at the level for which they are given access.
  • Real-time, on-line access to databases with current and up-to-date purchasing information from the purchase request to delivery and receipt of requested goods or services.
  • Tracking and auditing though the various approval and coordination levels of the purchasing and contract process.
  • A wide range of reporting of all NAF purchases

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