Lodging Support

Listed below are Nonappropriated Funds Purchasing Agreements (NPAs) for FY14 operational and standardized supplies and equipment to be used as contracting vehicles which can be procured by the installations.

NOTE: The NPAs may cover other items that are NOT approved for the lodging program or are NOT Buy American compliant.

Categories for Lodging Support Section are:

Operational supplies for FY14 purchases in accordance with lodging guidance have been negotiated to ensure a fair and reasonable price such as paper products, janitorial/cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, maintenance supplies, tools, plumbing, electrical, hospitality supplies, copiers and fax machines, ice machines/bins and any other products deemed necessary. When purchasing computer hardware (HW) and software (SW), peripherals, accessories, and services follow the guidelines in the AFMAN 64-302, paragraph 6.17. All installation-level contracts for automated information systems (AIS) and information technology (IT) should be coordinated with the supporting Communications Directorate or Communications Squadron to ensure compliance with Air Force IT criteria and security standards.
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Standardized supplies being used in the centralized lodging program are awarded through a competitive process; resulting in various contractors becoming sole providers of their product. This effort supports senior leadership's initiative of standardizing the use of amenities, coffee, linen, and paper products where it makes good business sense. The program is designed to maximize our purchasing power within the marketplace on products essential to nonappropriated fund operations. By establishing standards and obtaining contracts to support these consolidated requirements translates to consistency throughout our Air Force Inns at a substantial savings to the Lodging Fund.
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