Purchase Card Tidbits

Policies, Procedures & Training

Installation Program Coordinators FAQ

1. What does it mean if a user receives the error message "UNABLE TO PROCESS REQUEST" upon attempting to logon.

  1. This is most likely a login/password issue.
    1. Close all browsers and re-enter login credentials.
    2. Confirm that the Organization ID, User ID and Password are correct.
    3. If the user continues to receive an error message reset the password by providing a temporary p/w. Temporary password must contain 6 - 8 characters (at least 1 letter, 1 number and no special characters). After logging in with Temporary p/w, the user must adhere to the following guidelines to establish a new password. Password is case sensitive and must include:
      - 9-25 characters
      - 2-3 of the following special characters ! : ~ _ - { }
      DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING CHARCTERS: @ # $ % ^ & *()+ =
      - At least 4 letter(s)
      - At least 2 number(s)
      - Cannot be the User ID or any of the last 5 Passwords

      Valid: ;!!RSTD12_ Yesr456:~
      Invalid: *@458Jun( gus#Yre*(

2. What do I do when the Approving Official (AO) cannot see the transactions of their assigned Cardholders (CH)

  1. Validate that both the CH and the AO are assigned to the same hierarchy.
    1. Open the Employee Record of the CH, click onto the User Access tab, ensure that the Hierarchy ID at the top matches the Hierarchy ID of "Role 1" and that Role 1 is "NAF-Cardholder" or "Purch-Agent Cardholder".
    2. Go to the Employee record of the AO click onto the User Access tab; ensure that at least one of the roles match the hierarchy of the CH in question.

3. My CH tried to complete a transaction and they got a decline from the merchant. Where do I go to look up explanation
of the declines associated with my transaction?

  1. Refer to Decline Code Definitions & Authorizations and Declines under Training Aids for further information

4. A user received an error message when attempting to update/adjust the accounting line of a transaction.

  1. This typically occurs when running Internet Explorer 9 (IE-9) as the browser; unfortunately PaymentNet IV is not fully compatible with IE-9. To resolve this issue have the user adjust their settings in the following manner:
    1. Open PaymentNet IV.
    2. Click onto tools on the internet browser.
    3. Select Compatibility View Settings.
    4. Add PaymentNet IV website.

5. I want to add an accounting segment, i.e. GLAC, Cost Center, etc to the PaymentNet IV Chart of Accounts (COA).

  1. Provide the segment name/nomenclature as well as the reason why you require it be added via email PCARD.NAF@us.af.mil and we will forward to the appropriate office for a decision.

6. A CH attempted to register on an additional computer and did not receive an activation code.

  1. Validate the user's email address within PaymentNet and confirm the user has access to the address.

7. At my base we have users that are not reviewing and approving in a timely manner. What disciplinary actions
may I take as an IPC?

  1. In coordination with your leadership, you may use any of the following actions, but not limited to:
    1. Remedial Training, i.e. re-do refresher training, one on one session with you, etc.
    2. Require cardholder to obtain a control number from the resource management office prior to each purchase.
    3. Suspend card by adjusting single purchase limit to $1. (Remember there are other means of payment. i.e. purchase order via IBPS.

8. Where can I find more information about the chip enabled card?

9. Rebate & Spend Charts

Training Aids

1. Reports & Queries for IPC's - list of reports and queries to set up in PaymentNet for IPCs and NAFFAs.
2. Incomplete Transactions Query - A list of reports and queries to set up in PaymentNet for CHs and AOs.
3. PaymentNet Report Utilization
4. Program Action Directive (PAD) - Information on the implementation of the NAF Purchase Card program.
5. Decline Code Definitions - PaymentNet Decline Code Reference Sheet
6. FY Transactions Query
7. MCC Groups Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet will allow you to search by merchant, description, MCC
and/or Category by using the Microsoft Excel filtering tool.
8. Authorizations and Declines - In the event your card declines while you are attempting to make a purchase
9. Create a New Account - Guidance for building an account
10. Dispute & Fraud Procedures
11. Transaction Notes - examples of different types of transactions, and acceptable transaction notes
12. Creating a Non Cardholder Employee Record
13. Deactivating Accounts Record Only
14. Deactivating Archiving Employee & Account Records
15. Employee Record & Account Maintenance
16. Method of Payment on Contracts
17. APF vs. NAF Funds & Splitting Purchases Training Slides
18. IPC Instructions concerning Passwords
19. Converting a PaymentNet Query to a Spreadsheet
20. Tax Management snip
21. Creating Chart of Accounts Favorites
22. List Screen Customizations
23. Approving and Rejecting a Transaction
24 The NAF Purchase Card and the Single Purchase Limit
25 The NAF Purchase Card & Sales Tax
26 Statement of Account Report

Field TrainingAids (NAF Transformation)

1. TA-AFSFMS-22 PCard Outstanding Items Template
2. TA-AFSFMS-22 PCard Accrual List Template