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AFNAFPO prides itself on marketing vendors who participate in the CSBP to Department of Defense (DoD) Nonappropriated Fund operations worldwide. Vendors looking to partner with the AFNAFPO should contact a contract specialist handling their product or service. Vendors shall be evaluated for contracts based upon customer need, vendor's ability to ship both domestically and abroad, reporting capabilities, pricing, and service after the sale. In the event that a contract is not in the best interest of either party, vendors are encouraged to contact any of the listed contracting officers for direct sales.


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Product selection for a Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Agreement (NPA) involves various processes and determinations. There are no specific rules or guidelines. We operate like a business, and make our decision based on what is ultimately best for our customers. Products selected for NPAs could be based on:

A. Industry or trade survey reports, or data submitted by the manufacturer.
B. Quality products that bear a brand name on which the brand itself may influence our customers' acceptance of the product.
C. Products where brand name has no significance, but selection is based on overall value to the customer.
D. Individual repetitive purchases through our office, or our bases, of a particular product.

All of these things would be key indicators of what our customers are using in their day-to-day operations.

In addition, we will ask companies with minimal usage by military MWR/Services activities to distribute their product brochure to our customers and report to us after approximately six months on the response they received.


NPAs are limited primarily to prime sources exercising full control over the product and its distribution. In addition, prices offered for the product do not exceed the prices offered by the firm's most favored customer for the same items under comparable conditions.

Contractor representation is usually limited to three to four contractors per major product category under our NPA program.

After the contract specialist responsible for the program area completes negotiations, the proposal is presented to the Center Manager for final approval.

Note: NPA awards are based on the business needs of the organization. Not all vendors are guaranteed award of an NPA.


3515 S General McMullen Dr, San Antonio, TX 78226. Visits are by appointment only. The AFNAFPO negotiates only with authorized individuals. If you are a manufacturer's representative, either self-employed or employed by a firm, you must have a current letter of authorization from each manufacturer you represent that authorizes you to conduct business on behalf of those manufacturers.

The AFNAFPO purchases goods and services from small and large companies with primary emphasis on quality, responsiveness, and price.


The professionals in the AFNAFPO believe in their mission and value the opportunity to execute programs which significantly impact the Services community. Purchasing has become a complex and critical area that requires the same type of specialized expertise that organizations allocate to accounting, operations, and sales. The purchasing function is not something that can simply be a small part of someone's job. It plays a bigger role by providing support services that yield positive and immediate impact to the bottom line. From the Headquarters corporate logo, to the Commander's Smart Buy Program, to customer service, the AFNAFPO believes in its mission.


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