IBPS Tidbits

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General Tidbits

Add Funds Process - Step by Step Guidance on Adding Funds to a Purchase Request.

CAC Enabling IBPS - Guidance on CAC enabling a user account.

Email Documents from within IBPS - Guidance on establishing system settings to allow emailing from within IBPS.

E10 Error Repair - Instructions to repair IE 10 Error.

Google Chrome Setup Instructions for IBPS use.

IBPS Default Opening Page - Instructions on how to select the opening screen in IBPS.

Negative Quantities or Unit Price - How to enter a Credit, Deposit or Return Line Item within IBPS.

Service or a Commodity - Construction and Receiving.

If you need further information, you may send an email to the IBPS Team or call COMM 210-395-7821 or DSN 969-7821.

Documentation last update: 22 October 2018